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Leave No Child Inside

The Department of Natural Resources and Chicago Wilderness invite you to bring the family to a Leave No Child Inside activity near you!

The Department of Natural Resources and Chicago Wilderness are partnering with organizations statewide to promote outdoor play and recreation. Children benefit from access to the outdoors in many ways. Studies show that when children spend time outdoors, feelings of anxiety and depression decrease, concentration and performance at school improves, and they gain an early appreciation and love of nature. The exercise that comes with outdoor play and recreation improves weight loss, lowers high blood pressure and contribute to an overall improvement in physical health and fitness. Young people who spend time in nature are also more likely to be strong advocates for the environment as adults.

To learn more about Chicago Wilderness’ Leave No Child Inside initiative, visit

Is your organization hosting a Leave No Child Inside Event? Need help promoting? Let us know when and where, and we will add it to our community calendar.

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