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Water Usage Stamps

Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act Amendments Take Effect June 1

Watercraft registration expiration date changed; Water Usage Stamp repealed


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is alerting watercraft owners of changes in the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act that take effect on June I, 2018
  • The changes push back the expiration date of three-year Illinois watercraft registrations from June 30th  to September 30th. For example, watercraft owners who renew their three-year registrations that are expiring on June 30, 2018 will have new registrations that are valid until September 30, 2021.
  • All new and transfer renewal watercraft registrations issued on or after June I, 2018 will have an expiration date of September 30th in the calendar year of expiration.
  • Another change removes the requirement of a certificate of title for watercraft under 22 feet in length.  
  • In addition, the change in law repeals the Water Usage Stamp that has been required for use of non-powered watercraft in Illinois.