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IDNR site improvement projects

Every year, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources plans and manages hundreds of improvement projects at state parks, state historic sites, fish hatcheries, game farms, the Illinois State Museum, the World Shooting and Recreation Complex, and other IDNR-owned and -managed sites.

These efforts aid IDNR in its mission to protect Illinois’ natural and cultural resources. Visitors find it easier, safer, and more pleasant to enjoy sites when there are improvements to welcome centers, trails, campgrounds, restrooms, shower houses, pavilions, parking lots, docks and piers, lighting, and signage. Improvements and modernization also help IDNR reach its goals to shrink its carbon footprint and help the environment.

The following list features sortable information about current projects by site, site type, and county. It also offers a short explanation of active and completed projects. When viewing on a mobile device, click the plus symbol to expand an item and see additional information.

This feature will be updated quarterly.

Current projects

Last updated March 25, 2024


IDNR organizes state facilities based on regions.  

Region 1: Northwestern Illinois

Region 2: Chicago, Cook and collar counties

Region 3: East-central Illinois

Region 4: Western Illinois

Region 5: Southeastern Illinois

Site Site type Project Status County Senate District House District Region