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Furbearer Hunting and Trapping

 Reminder to all bobcat permit holders: Successful bobcat hunters and trappers must purchase a pelt tag (Priv. Code 306) within 48 hours of harvesting a bobcat. Pelt tag purchases are only available online by logging in to your ExploreMoreIL account here and clicking on "Buy Licenses/Permits" tab then navigating to either Featured or the Hunt/Trap tab to purchase a "Bobcat Pelt Temp Permit - Code 306". See screenshot below. The price for the pelt tag is $5.50 plus vendor fees. Thank you and congratulations to all successful bobcat hunters and trappers! 

Please see the current Hunting and Trapping Digest for Furbearer Hunting and Trapping regulations, season dates, and more.

In Illinois, 14 species are classified as furbearers, all of which can be legally hunted and/or trapped. More than 75 state, federal and international laws apply to the hunting and trapping of furbearers in Illinois. Such laws set standards for animal welfare and place limits on hunting and trapping so that animals are not endangered by these activities. For more information on Illinois Furbearers, visit our Furbearer Guide here.

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