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                                         2024 SPRING TURKEY NOTES 

The 2024 Spring Turkey Lottery 3 drawing is complete.  To determine if you were successful in being issued a Lottery 3 Spring Turkey permit, please follow the instructions below.  

County-specific permits remaining after the Third Lottery Drawing will be available over the counter (OTC) from License Vendors beginning March 12, 2024, on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits will be sold until quotas are exhausted, or until the close of the specific turkey season segment (i.e., of seasons 1 through 5) in the Zone (north vs. south) for which the permit is being requested. Hunters may purchase one or more permits during this period, subject to availability, except that no one may exceed the limit of three permits in total for spring turkey hunting, including lottery-drawn, OTC, youth and landowner permits. Special Hunt Area permits are only available during the lottery application process and are not sold OTC.  

Click here to view county-specific permits remaining after the Lottery 3 Drawing. 

Landowner Programs

License, Permit, & Application Links

Harvest-Related Links

  • Report Your Harvest
    Harvest check-in is simply a phone call away, or you can report your success online.

  • Windshield Card Harvest Reporting
    Hunters will need to go to this page to print out their site Windshield Card for each IDNR owned, leased or managed public hunting sites they intend to hunt at. All trip/harvest activity must be reported online at this same Windshield Card link.

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  • Hunting & Trapping Digest
    Summary of Illinois hunting and trapping regulations. It is designed as a guide to help you understand the laws and regulations for hunting and trapping in Illinois. It also provides information such as seasons, harvest limits, and required permits.

  • Public Hunting Areas Reports
    The Public Hunting Areas Report provides both hunting and trapping efforts and wildlife harvest information on Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) owned, leased or managed public hunting sites.

  • Illinois Licensed Wild Turkey and Deer Outfitters
    List of all licensed outfitters in Illinois. These individuals are experienced outdoorsmen and woman who can guide clients on their hunting trips.

  • Hunter Fact Sheets
    Find summaries for each state-owned property that describes the types of hunting that are offered, as well as any special regulations and restrictions that may be in effect.

  • National Wild Turkey Federation
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    An organization of traditional bowhunters that represent the interests of Illinois bowhunters while promoting outdoor ethics and values.