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Dog Training - Private Land

General Information

No special permit is required to train dogs on private land, except for the establishment and operation of Designated Dog Training Areas. However, training activities on private land do have some special provisions:

  • Training activities require the permission of the landowner
  • Trainers should have a valid Illinois Hunting or Sportsmen's license and Illinois Habitat stamp when afield training sporting dogs
  • Special provisions govern the training of raccoon hunting dogs (See Ad Rule 960)
  • Firearm Restrictions
    1. Sunrise to Sunset - Pistols with blank cartridges may be used.
    2. Sunset to Sunrise - Pistols capable of firing blank cartridges only may be used.

Designated Dog Training Areas (DDTA)

  • These are areas of limited acreage (less than 50 acres) where an individual may shoot hand reared game birds or pigeons while training sporting dogs throughout the entire year
  • Free permits are required by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to designate and operate a Designated Dog Training Area
  • Permits are available by completing and mailing an application to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or;
  • By completing the on-line application form
  • Permits are valid from April 1 - March 31.

Other Permits Required

Applicants applying for a DDTA Permit must possess a Wild Game and Bird Breeder License or a Game Breeding and Hunting Preserve Area Permit.


DDTA Permit Holders must conspicuously post the perimeter of the DDTA with signs obtainable from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Additional Regulations - See Administrative Rule 960.


Dog Training on Private Land (IL Admin Code Part 960)

Dog Training on DNR Managed Land(IL Admin Code Part 950)

 Dog Training/Dog Trials( Statues, Chapter 520, Act 5 Wildlife Code)