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Nature Preserve Area




Location And Access

From Hwy. 29 in Creve Coeur, turn on Poplar Street and go west 2 blocks, then turn southwest on Lawnridge Drive and go 2 blocks to Ft. Crevecoeur Park. The nature preserve is in the south end of the park. Special Note: The nature preserve is located at the south end of Fort Crevecoeur Park. A campground and parking area are just outside the north boundary; a trail leads down the ridge from the parking area to the hill prairie.


Pere Marquette and Louis Joliet were probably the first white men to see these deeply dissected river bluff communities of the Grand Prairie Section of the Grand Prairie Natural Division. Today, the preserved area is dominated by a dry-mesic forest of red oak, sugar maple, basswood, and green ash. A half-acre high quality glacial drift hill prairie is also found on the northwest ridge. The opening contains over 50 prairie plant species, including little bluestem, Indian grass, side oats grama, pale coneflower, and short green milkweed. Two uncommon prairie plants, Canada milk vetch and French grass, may also be observed. Raccoons and squirrels are common mammals, while summer birds include catbird, goldfinch, and red-headed woodpecker. Management at Crevecoeur includes prescribed burning and brush control.


Village of Creve Coeur


December 1981


23 acres

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For Further Information

Village of Creve Coeur, c/o Office of Village Clerk, 101 North Thorncrest Avenue, Creve Coeur, IL 61610 (309/699-6714)