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Architecture and Engineering

What's New in Engineering

Architecture and Engineering is the execution of IDNR's Capital Construction Program. This execution includes liaison with the Capital Development Board, and project review and management. The formation of  IDNR has expanded the role of the Division of Architecture and Engineering, as our staff begin to provide project liaison and management to our larger agency on future appropriated projects. In addition to standard contracted projects, the Division also manages the Heavy Equipment Crew, conducts in-house design, and provides technical assistance through our staff architects and engineers.

  • Oversee the construction of DNR Capital Projects through direct project management, liaison with the Capital Development Board, or other State and Federal agencies.
  • Review and evaluate plans and specifications for proposed construction projects at Department facilities, and recommend changes to insure compliance with building codes, laws and other requirements.
  • Develop plans and specifications for projects designed in-house.
  • Provide technical assistance to other DNR divisions on engineering and architectural matters.
  • Design and construct various waterfowl, habitat or recreational improvement projects through the Heavy Equipment Crew.

Heavy Equipment Crew

The Department of Natural Resources Heavy Equipment Crew is a self-contained unit under the direction of the Division of Engineering that works on small earth-related projects at DNR sites, with its primary emphasis on waterfowl projects. The crew was initially sponsored by waterfowl groups that saw the Department's need to react to waterfowl levee repairs and new developments. Over the years, the Heavy Equipment Crew (HEC) has been very cost effective, and able to react to immediate needs when they arose.