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Passenger & Rental Boat License

Any person engaging in the business of operating a boat or boats carrying passengers for hire, or renting a boat or boats for hire must first obtain a license from the Department. Boats are subject to inspection requirements. License are renewable each year on March 1st and are valid for one year or portion of a year to March 1st.

The fee for an annual license to operate a boat for carrying passengers for hire shall be $50 for each boat.

The fee for an annual license for engaging in the business of renting boats for hire is $30, plus an annual fee for each boat rented depending on the length of the boat (see application for fee information).

The Department will furnish to the licensee a license which must be displayed in the place of business or upon the boat if only one boat is involved. In addition to the license the Department will furnish a decal for each boat licensed.