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Illinois Conservation Action Tracker

​Illinois is full of diverse habitats and wildlife, from bats roosting in the Shawnee forests to mussels filtering our cool streams. While these Illinois ecosystems support a vast array of species, over 400 of these species are threatened, endangered, or at-risk of being listed. Illinois' Wildlife Action Plan is the state's guide to protect these vulnerable species and their habitats through conservation actions and strategies known as State Wildlife Grant Projects. To date, 96 projects have been completed, and 27 projects are currently underway. Conservation actions range from habitat restoration of native grasslands to field surveys of snakes and turtles. 

The Illinois Conservation Action Tracker displays all completed and ongoing projects throughout the state. The Tracker also displays relevant project information to inform users of species populations and various conservation efforts taking place in Illinois. 

Several tools are available within the Tracker to enhance users' viewing preferences. The Filter tool filters projects according to one or more specified categories. The Search bar and tool will allow users to search any project according to keywords, such as "bird" or "wetland." The Infographics display statistics on certain project information.

Please feel free to contact us for questions or information regarding the Illinois Conservation Action Tracker.