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Illinois ENTICE

What is ENTICE?

Environment and Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education

The ENTICE program:

  • provides natural resources training for educators through hands-on, interdisciplinary workshops led by natural resources professionals and other educators.
  • involves participants in experiences that promote effective stewardship of Illinois' natural resources now and in the future.
  • is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to offer Professional Development Hours for teachers.
  • conducts workshops on a variety of topics at locations statewide.
  • supplies educators with easy-to-use natural resources educational materials and activities that are correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards and other Common Core Learning Standards.

Enhance your teaching by including Illinois' natural resources in your lessons. The ENTICE program from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) can show you how!

ENTICE workshops are available to teachers, home-schooling educators,
nonformal educators and youth-group leaders in Illinois only.

Please join our list server to be notified of upcoming workshops and other ENTICE items of interest.

What are past participants saying about ENTICE?

Helpful to have hands-on activities throughout the day. I enjoyed the times where different types of ideas were shared and tried instead of just presenting information that wouldn’t be used in a classroom.”

The program was the best! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot to pass to my students.”

This was a fantastic workshop! So much to take back to the classroom.”

Learned a lot, never boring, very engaging and great activities!”

I really enjoyed the workshop. It helped open my eyes to
how to bring more nature education to my classroom teaching.”

“This was truly outstanding. I learned so much today.”

Thank you! Great ideas, great activities, fantastic supplies for teachers.”

One of the best workshops/training I’ve attended. Thanks!”

Thank you for such great hands-on teaching tools. Science is such
a valuable class that students enjoy when it is hands-on learning.”

Wonderful way to encourage teachers to be creative in their delivery of classroom
learning objectives. Excellent workshop, should be required attendance for educators!”

This workshop was incredible! I got so many content-related resources that
I know I will be able to use in my classrooms to align my lessons with NGSS.”

Excellent workshop and very inexpensive. It was great how we even got to take
so many resources back with us! I’ll look to other IDNR Workshops in the future.”