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Reprint an Online License

NOTE: You must have Adobe Reader in order to print your license. If you do not, you can download it free from

If you were unable to print out the hunting or fishing license that you purchased online, for whatever reason, please follow the instructions outlined below. It is recommended that you save the PDF to your personal computer - for future reference.

When the next year's licenses go on sale in January, you will not be able to reprint your license from the website, even though it will not expire until March 31. If saved to your computer, you will always be able to reprint whenever needed, until it expires. The deer and turkey permits are the only privileges that are mailed and cannot be reprinted. Reprints of hunting and fishing license purchased through the internet are free of charge.

  1. Turn off any pop up blocker you may have running.

  2. Click the button below to return to the sales site.

  3. Click Begin License/Permit Purchase or Reprint

  4. Click the appropriate option declaring your residency.

  5. Enter one of the ID number options (IDNR Customer Number, ID Number or Social Security Number) AND Date of Birth

  6. Click "Continue".

  7. There will be a box at the top of the next screen displaying any previously processed transactions in blue print. Click on any of the blue print items to display your license for printing.

  8. If a blank page is displayed, close it, hold your CTRL key and click on the blue print again.

If you continue to have problems, you can reach our office at 217-782-2965.