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Temperate Basses

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Temperate basses have two dorsal fins, three anal spines, a large mouth, scales, thoracic pelvic fins, a large spine on the gill cover and a small gill on the underside of the gill cover. These fishes are popular sport fishes.

striped bass (Morone saxatilis) [nonnative]

Illinois Range: statewide
Size: average 45-72” long
Habitat: lakes, reservoirs
Food: fishes, insects
Best Lures: large minnows, spoons, spinners, jigs, crankbaits

hybrid striped bass (Morone saxatilisx (Morone chrysops)
Illinois Range: statewide
Size: average 13-14" long
Habitat: large lakes, large rivers
Food: fishes, insects, crustaceans
Best Lures: large minnows, spoons, spinners, crankbaits, jigs, crayfish, lures that that look like a shad

white bass (Morone chrysops)
Illinois Range: statewide
Size: average 10" long
Habitat: large rivers, Lake Michigan, backwater lakes, natural lakes
Food: fishes
Best Lures: minnows, small spinners, small jigs with twister tails

yellow bass (Morone mississippiensi)
Illinois Range: statewide
Size: average 6-7" long
Habitat: large rivers, lakes
Food: fishes, crayfish, insects
Best Lures: minnows, worms, small spinners, small jigs with twister tails