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Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Becoming An Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a program designed to give women introductory experiences and instruction in various outdoor activities. Three-day weekend workshops include classes ranging from outdoor recreational activities to shooting sports to outdoor crafts and hobbies. Program instructors emphasize the basics in instruction while providing information on equipment, associated clubs and/or organizations, and additional training opportunities. Workshops are open to women 18 years and older. Meals, lodging, transportation during workshops, giveaways, and use of class equipment & supplies are all included in the workshop registration fees. Workshops fill up very quickly so keep an eye on this website for updates and workshop registration materials.

Registration for the June 9-11 Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop at Lorado is closed.
Please click here for further details, updates and instructions.

Touch of Nature/Giant City State Park, October 14-16, 2022

Another successful BOW workshop at Touch of Nature. The weather was as good as we’ve ever had it for a workshop. More than a handful of first time participants made sure to let me know that they “would be coming back for sure”. Those statements make the time and effort in coordinating BOW workshops well worth it! The big news from the workshop was that DNR posted my position, which does include duties of coordinating the BOW program. There will be a new BOW Coordinator in 2023. I sincerely hope this program continues on for another 25 years offering fun and educational classes to thousands of women. Hopefully I will see all of you “down the road” sometime in the future. It certainly has been fun!

Lorado Taft, June 10-12, 2022

Our June workshop had one of the best group of participants we’ve had over the years. The entire group was very positive, enthusiastic, and full of smiles. What a pleasure it was for me and all of our wonderful instructors to hang out with this group for three days. Rain was around the area the entire weekend, but once again, did not shut down any classes. We made some adjustments with classes and didn’t have any rainouts. BOW has been the highlight of my time at IDNR. It has ALWAYS provided me with lots of laughs, lasting memories, and a true feeling that there are still good things going on out there. I hope all of you in the BOW family have enjoyed it as much as I have!


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