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Becoming a Concessionaire

Concessions are generally awarded through a competitive bid process. In some instances, leases are negotiated with an interested party.  Follow this link for concessions available for bid or by registering on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin.  You can also contact concession and Lease Management if you have any other questions relative to the concession program (217-782-7940).

After receipt of the bidder's package you will need to read all information and follow the directions relative to completion of the Request For Proposal (RFP).  Many times a mandatory bid meeting will be held at the involved park before bids are due. At that time, the bidder's package is discussed and the proposed concession site visited.  The completed forms must be returned to the listed address by the time and date listed.

On the listed time and date, competitive bids received are opened by Concession and Lease Management staff of the Department of Natural Resources. The IDNR has the right to reject any and all bids.  Prospective concessionaires are notified as to their status. If no problems have been encountered at the time of the bid opening or there are no questions relative to the best qualified bidder, the Concession and Lease Management Division will award the concession to the best qualified bidder.