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State Park Concession Information

Johnson-Sauk Trail is taking bids for a new concessionaire. Please review the bid notice for more information.

State Park Concessions

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources' (IDNR) Office of Realty and Environmental Planning has more than 70 Concession Lease Agreements that cover concession operations such as food and refreshment sales, watercraft rentals, bicycle rentals, restaurant operations, golf course operations, horse riding stables, etc.

The purpose of this web page is to provide prospective concessionaires, or those who have recently been awarded a concession lease agreement by the Concession and Lease Management Office, general information relative to the operation of a state park concession and the Concession Lease Agreement. Each concession operation is covered by a Concession Lease Agreement that contains some terms and conditions that are the same for all agreements, and additional terms and conditions that are tailored to each agreement to meet the requirements of the particular operation.

Legal Agreements

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) enters into General Legal Agreements with neighbors and partners to cover a range of necessary operational activities. Some of these include: land leases; utility rights of way; special permits for temporary use or access across IDNR land; annexation of portions of IDNR property to adjacent communities or service districts to provide additional public services and enable these communities to expand across state property to adjacent areas; and management agreements with other agencies of local, state, or federal government.

Land Leases

Some of the peripheral or buffer lands and buildings under the jurisdiction of IDNR can be made available for selected uses without adverse impacts to conservation of their natural resources or management of recreational programs. Such leases are accomplished at market value or for alternative considerations, subject to Statutory limitations and conditions. Questions regarding specific lease opportunities may be directed to the site superintendent or to

Utility Rights of Way

As a major landholder in Illinois, IDNR has an obligation to try to accommodate necessary utility developments which must cross state property. This is done in a manner which does not destroy the conservation and recreation values of the lands involved. All rights of way are subject to environmental reviews and to a standardized fee structure. Questions or proposals may be directed to the site superintendent or to

Special Land Use Permits

Neighboring landowners or other public agencies occasionally need temporary use of IDNR lands for construction access, resource management activities, or other one-time uses. If this can be accomplished without damage to the resources or programs managed by IDNR, permits are issued at no charge to accommodate these needs as a good-neighbor policy. Requests for land use permits may be directed to the site superintendent or to

Disclaimer: The information provided is by necessity general in nature. Specific contract language will supersede any statements or information that may be found on this webpage.