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Upland Game Hunting

The Basics

IRAP Upland Game sites are leased from private landowners for registered IRAP participants. These sites have been scouted for bird activity. No pen raised birds are put on these properties; only wild birds are present. These sites are also managed for upland bird habitat.

Who can apply:

  • Any legally licensed adult hunter who has completed their hunter safety course (if born in 1980 or after) and who complies with all Illinois hunting laws.
  • Any youth (under age 18): All youth hunters must have a non-hunting adult (age 21 or older) mentor accompany them through the entire hunt.
  • 1st-Time Adult (someone who has not hunted in the past five years)
  • Adult (any qualified hunter)

Where: IRAP has leased private property in CHRISTIAN, HENRY, KNOX, MASON, SHELBY and WHITESIDE counties for QUAIL AND PHEASANT hunting. These sites can accommodate up to 4 hunters and their dogs. Sites are reserved for a 2-day hunt on Saturday and Sunday, except for December 31st, which is a 1-day hunt. The 2022 Dates are December 10-11, 17-18, and 24-25, 31.

NOTICE: The deadline for applying is 5pm November 1, 2022.

How It Works

  • A participant must first complete an ONLINE APPLICATION and Release of Liability waiver by the application deadline(s) state above.

  • All sites will be awarded by lottery and successful applicants will receive an assigned hunt site for a 2 (or 1) day hunting weekend.

  • If applying as a group, each individual hunter must complete an online application, Release of Liability Waiver and provide the name of an agreed upon group organizer.

  • If a youth hunter will be part of the 4-person hunting group, the parent/guardian must complete the application and Liability Waiver for the child.

  • Successful applicants will be notified by mail at least three weeks prior to the start of the season.

Hunters are REQUIRED to complete an online survey after each hunt. Future hunting privileges are dependent on the completion of your survey. For your convenience, an online survey is linked at the top of the page.

IRAP Rules

  1. Only permitted hunters are allowed on the property and must have their IRAP permit on their person.

  2. You may not trespass on adjacent property to access your hunting area and you must stay within your assigned hunting area.

  3. Foot Traffic Only, ATVs are not allowed.

  4. Dogs are allowed but must be kept in close range of the hunter.

  5. No camping allowed.

  6. Illinois Hunting Rules and Regulations must be followed.

  7. For more information, view the Upland Game Hunting and Regulations.

IRAP access is provided through cooperation of private landowners and the IL Department of Natural Resources.

Participating in this program is a special privilege.

Please be respectful, ethical and safe.

Leave the site as you found it. Take ALL garbage with you.

Park vehicle in designated parking area.