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Sampling Protocols for High School Students

The following sampling protocols contain basic information about how to successfully monitor areas of Illinois forests, streams, wetlands and urban areas so that data can be collected, analyzed and ultimately used for comparative purposes to show trends in the environment.

These protocols are offered as a resource should you choose to perform monitoring activities with your students. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is not collecting the data or the results nor is the IDNR responsible for the actions of you and your students. These guidelines are provided as rules for you to follow but may not fit every situation you will encounter. Using good judgment is vital in field work with students. You should also consider that sometimes monitoring with large groups of students can damage the habitat. It is imperative that you obtain written permission from the landowner before monitoring.

Next Generation Science Standards Correlation
Middle School - LS2-1, LS2-4
High School - LS2-1, LS2-2, LS2-6