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Explosives & Aggregate

The Explosives and Aggregate Division (EAD) is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of regulations governing aggregate reclamation and blasting under the Surface-Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act, coal blasting under the Surface Coal Mining Land Reclamation Act of 1980 and explosive storage and handling under the Illinois Explosives Act.

Activities for Explosives and Aggregate Division include:

  • Inspect land reclamation activities at aggregate mining sites;

  • Regulate blasting activities( proper blast design, loading of blast, handling of explosives, safety of workers and the general public, and investigation of citizen complaints) at aggregate and coal mining operations;

  • Licenses/certifies/trains individuals in the use and handling of explosives in the State; provide presentations at blasting and explosive conferences and law enforcement education/awareness seminars;

  • First responder training through entities including IEMA which involves response to catastrophic incidents involving explosives, as well as explosive related accidents/incidents at mining operations;

  • Conduct incident and accident investigations following reports of personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of explosives; and

  • Initiate enforcement action on individuals and or entities that do not comply with the State’s explosive and blasting regulations.

If you are interested in viewing the location of aggregate mines in Illinois, visit the Illinois Coal Mine Viewer and Locator.

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