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Education Outreach

Education Materials for the Classroom

Educational Outreach Programs

The Office of Mines and Minerals participates in various Earth Days and Eco-meets, and the two Illinois State Fairs, in Springfield, and DuQuoin. Office representatives provide talks to thousands of adults and children at these events and utilize a "traveling trailer" which displays samples and photos of the rocks and minerals of Illinois and their everyday uses. Staff also travel to schools to provide similar in-class talks regarding the mining industry, and the various rocks and minerals of Illinois.


The Office of Mines and Minerals offers an online brochure, The Mineral Resources of Illinois- Production and Use. This brochure outlines the current and historic mineral industry in Illinois. It also provides a general overview of mining techniques involved with the specific minerals, as well as how these minerals affect everyday life. The brochure includes a few of the unique geologic phenomena found in Illinois.

The Office uses handouts/education materials for various age levels with our minerals and rocks presentations as well as at the earth day events we attend. These handouts, a crossword puzzle, word search, and mineral and rock quiz are now available for use in the classroom. The office also has access to a computerized version of the Jeopardy Game, which can be modified for various education level.

The office provides access to the Mineral and Rock Box trailer. The trailer is available for fairs and community earth day events in Illinois. The Mineral and Rock Box allows children and adults to learn about the various rocks and minerals of Illinois as they walk through the trailer viewing the different displays. The Department has also made available our Minerals in the Home presentation, and other aids we use, to teachers for classroom presentation of the rocks and minerals of Illinois. These aids may be printed from the list above for copying and use in the classroom.

If you have an upcoming earth day or conservation awareness event for your school or community or you would like additional information on how you can have us talk at your school or event email The Office of Mines and Minerals, or call 217/782-4970.