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Nature Center

Whether you’re looking for general park information, trail recommendations, a place to rest after a hike, or a deeper understanding of the dunesland, the IBSP Nature Center has something for you. Interactive displays tell the story of both the people-focused and natural history of the IBSP, and games and species I.D. resources are sure to liven up your adventures in the park. Want to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing? Spend time on our overlook deck or back patio! Have a question about park activities, habitats, or species? Come ask our Conservation Educator! There is something for everyone at the IBSP Nature Center - we hope to see you soon!


As of February 2nd, 2022, the Nature Center will be closed until further notice.

Questions? Contact:

Park Office at (847) 662-4811

Upcoming Events

None. Check back soon!

Conservation Education Program

As of February 2nd, the Conservation Education Program will be on hiatus until further notice.

Illinois Beach Nature Center