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Pollinator Resources

Did you know that about every 3 bites of food depends on Pollinators? Pollinators are an important part of our communities and their protection is an important part of conservation! Below are several resources to learn more about pollinators and how to get involved in their conservation in your community.

Learn how to design your pollinator garden here!

Mason State Tree Nursery

Mason State Tree Nursery is Illinois' only tree nursery, where they specialize in native Illinois eco-type tree seedlings, native plants and pollinator seed mixes. You can learn more about how to order native Illinois plants at their website.

IDNR Division of Education

The Division of Education is responsible for the development and dissemation of education programs and materials and for training in their use. They provide many helpful resources on pollinators and how to help them in your community. View the links below to learn more about Illinois pollinators, native plants and butterfly gardening.

Pollinator Partnership

Pollinator Partnership's mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education and research.

Monarch Watch

Monarch Watch provides information and resources on monarchs and how to conserve this nearly endangered species. They provide easy ways to get involved with things like monarch tagging and instructions on how to create a Monarch waystation, a place that provides the necessary resources for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration.

Monarch Joint Venture

Monarch Joint Venture is a partnership of federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses and academic programs working together to protect monarch migration across the United States. Their mission is to protect monarchs and their migration by collaborating with partners to deliver habitat conservation, education, and science across the United States.

Xerces Society

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation is an international nonprofit organization that protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. They take their name from the now extinct Xerces Blue butterfly, the first butterfly known to got extinct in North America as a result of human activities.