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Beyond BOW

Eager to take a skill to the next level? The Beyond BOW series dives a little deeper into specific skill sets based on requests from participants like you!

Fall 2024

Squirrel Hunting - look for workshop info to be posted this summer. You will learn hunting strategies, basic firearm safety, and how to clean and process your squirrels. A mentor/instuctor will lead small groups into the woods and give you all the tips to ensure a fun hunt experience. There will be several workshops this fall, located at a State Parks throughout central Illinois. The day will wrap up with some tasty squirrel dishes to sample eating.

Spring 2025

Women's Trapping Camp - The weekend timeline would be similar to our regular BOW weekend. Camp starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon.  Agenda for the weekend includes a variety of activities - all focused around furbearer trapping. You will learn things like in-field trap setting and checking each day, and full fur processing (skinnng, fleshing, finishing). In the evenings, you will get to be sample new game recipes, and even make a fur garment to take home. This course fulfills the mandatory trapper education requirements as part of the curriculum in order to legally trap in Illinois.