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Following is the list of building vendors at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex. Please note - not every vendor is open year-round. 

All will be open through the Grand American, some are open for other large events, Gipson’s Guns and the 310 Clubhouse are open throughout the year.

Please contact a business directly to find out about hours/availability.

Main Event Center: The Great Outdoors Company, Inc.

Building 1: Winchester, Browning, White Flyer Targets, Krieghoff International, DuPont Krieghoff, Kolar Arms

Building 2: Gray's Shotgun Cache, Rod’s Custom Stocks, Elite Shotguns, Wenig Custom Gun Stocks, Beretta USA 

Building 3: Perazzi USA, Giacomo Sporting Arms, Remington/Federal, Target Shotguns, Briley Manufacturing, 310 Trap/Skeet Clubhouse, Gipson's Guns

Building 4: Guns Unlimited, SKB Shotguns, Morgan Optical, Game Masters, Mayville Engineering Company (MEC), Blaser USA, Caesar Guerini USA, Gamaliel Shooting Supply

Building 5: Promatic, Illinois State Rifle Association, Fiocchi, Dr. Frank Rively, Target Shotguns, Indiana Gun Club, World Shooting Complex IDNR 510 Office, Little Egypt Golf Cars