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Illinois Prairies Resources Trunk

Binder - General Information

Acknowledgements Page

Biodiversity of Illinois CD-ROMs Conversion to Web-based Format promo

Contents Checklist

Contents Checklist Key

Correlation to Learning Standards

IDNR Division of Education promo sheet

IDNR Lending Trunks promo sheets

Online Resources page

Binder - Ecological Information

American Bison information page

American Bison vs. Buffalo information page

Biodiversity of Illinois Video: Supplemental Activities promo page

Conservation in Highly Fragmented Landscapes article

Elk information page

Evolution and Origin of the Central Grassland of North America: Climate, Fire, and Mammalian Grazers article

Greater Prairie-chicken information page

Illinois Biodiversity CD-ROM activities page

Illinois Biodiversity Basics promo page

Illinois Inland Sand Areas poster guide

Introduction to Illinois Prairies information page

Landscaping for Wildlife book

Mamíferos de Illinois del pasado activity book

Mammals from Illinois’ Past activity book

Prairie Establishment and Landscaping book

Prairie Fire information page

Prairie Fire images

Prairie Parklands; An Inventory of the Region’s Resources book

Prairie Primer activity book

Project Bluestem activities list

Project Bluestem Revised Lessons 2017 activities list

The Case of the Greater Prairie-chicken activity

Track Size Comparison page

Types of Prairies information page

What a Prairie Is and Isn’t board game

Binder - Peoples of the Prairie Information

Make Your Own Pioneer Bonnet

Make Your Own Pioneer Hat

Pioneer Clothing

Pioneer Games

Prairie Pages: Early Years of Illinois Agriculture

Prairie Pages: Pioneers

What is It? activity (includes 20 photographs)

Images 1 to 4

Images 5 to 8

Images 9 to 12

Images 13 to 16

Images 17 to 20

Large Container

Plan for the Recovery of the Greater Prairie-Chicken in Illinois book