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Wild About Illinois Mussels! - Images

These photos are copyright protected. No photographs included within this information may be used on the Internet, in publications or in any other form of media without the written permission of the photographer. All rights reserved. All mussel photos shown, except number 24, belong to Kevin Cummings of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Photo 24 is the property of Bob Warren of the Illinois State Museum.

Commercial Species

1. threeridge (Amblema plicata)
2. Wabash pigtoe (Fusconaia flava)

3. washboard (Megalonaias nervosa)
4. mapleleaf (Quadrula quadrula)

Common Species

5. plain pocketbook (Lampsilis cardium)
6. threehorn wartyback (Obliquaria reflexa)

7. pimpleback (Quadrula pustulosa)
8. fawnsfoot (Truncilla donaciformis)

9. deertoe (Truncilla truncata
10. paper pondshell (Utterbackia imbecillis)

Uncommon/Rare Species

11. elktoe (Alasmidonta margianat)
12. yellow sandshell (Lampsilis teres)

13. monkeyface (Quadrula metanerva) [state threatened]
14. pistolgrip (Tritogonia verrucosa)

15. ellipse (Venustaconcha ellipsiformis)
16. purple wartyback (Cyclonaias tuberculata) [state threatened]

Threatened/Endangered Species

17. fanshell (Cyprogenia stegaria) [state and federally endangered]
18. butterfly (Ellipsaria lineolata) [state threatened]

19. spike (Elliptio dilatata) [state endangered]
20. snuffbox (Epioblasma triquetra) [state and federally endangered]

21. wavy-rayed lampmussel (Lampsilis fasciola) [state endangered]
22. sheepnose (Plethobasus cyphyus) [state and federally endangered]

23. clubshell (Pleurobema clava) [state and federally endangered]
24. kidneyshell (Ptychobranchus fasciolaris) [state endangered]

25. rabbitsfoot (Quadrula cylindrica) [state and federally endangered]
26. rainbow (Villosa iris) [state threatened]

Extinct Species

27. leafshell (Epioblasma flexuosa)
28. round combshell (Epioblasma personata)

29. Tennessee riffleshell (Epioblasma propinqua)
30. tubercled blossom (Epioblasma torulosa)

Introduced Species

31. zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) (attached to Potamilus alatus, pink heelsplitter)
32. Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea

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