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Building and Utilities

IDNR is taking steps to reduce energy use in their buildings. The overall strategy is to implement conservation and energy efficiency measures in buildings, to electrify space and water heating, and to offset any remaining emissions with renewable energy at all sites.

IDNR’s goals related to Buildings and Utilities are as follows.

  • 2023 Priority! Develop an energy efficiency best management guide for sites
  • 2023 Priority! Develop an energy/utility tracking system
  • Reduce energy consumption by 35% by 2035 through energy assessments and by implementing best management practices. 
  • Move toward electrification of facility infrastructure through electric heat pumps for space and water heating. 
  • Procure 100% renewable energy for all sites by 2050.
  • Reduce use of potable water.
  • Set energy efficiency design standards for future projects. 

Climate Corner

What you can do:

Join IDNR in saving energy in buildings! There are lots of ways you can reduce energy use in your home or business.  

  • Buy ENERGY STAR products that use less energy. 
  • Seal and insulate your home and office. 
  • Upgrade old heating and cooling equipment with more efficient models or heat pump technologies. 
  • Install solar on your building or home or participate in community solar.  

Here are a few resources to help you get started:  

Most utilities in Illinois have incentive and rebate programs to help people save energy while lowering their costs. Check out Ameren Illinois and ComEd opportunities.  

Explore opportunities to generate solar energy on your home or facility through the Illinois Shines or Illinois Solar for All Programs.