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Climate Resources

Are you an educator looking for resources about climate change for your students? Would you like to learn more about climate change? Check out these top websites from trusted sources.

NASA Climate Kids
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): A website that looks to engage elementary school aged children and could be used as an introductory resource for middle schoolers. Website explores themes such as water, energy, plants and animals, the atmosphere and weather and climate. This site also includes activities, games, videos and other resources. 

NASA Global Climate Change 
Advanced resource showing data and measurements, resources highlighting the latest news, solutions, and science. The solutions section reviews the following topics: Earth Science in Action, Mitigation and Adaptation, and sustainability and government resources.  

NASA Global Climate Change Resources for Educators
Browse a wide selection of student and instructor resources, including graphics, multimedia, and educational resources about global climate change. NASA-curated articles, as well as contributions from other respectable organizations, provide a diverse range of materials for teaching and learning about this essential issue. 

NASA Images of Change
This is an interactive viewer that depicts the same geographies at different times to understand changes and climate impacts around the globe. This website also has a feature that depicts different data around the globe as well as the position and locations of satellites used to take the measurements for criteria such as temperature, sea level, greenhouse gases, soil moisture, precipitation and other key data. 

United Nations: What Is Climate Change?
This site is comprehensive in nature providing interpretive analytics, reports from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as climate issues. and causes and effects. Other website menus explore Actors, Actions and Solutions, and an Act Now section that allows a user to track their own climate impacts.  

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Teaching Climate
This website contains multiple resources which range from a collection of climate and energy educational resources and companion guides for teachers, climate change trends, maps, and a global climate dashboard for various data such as arctic sea ice, atmospheric CO2, sea levels and other indicators. This website also has links to teacher toolkits and resilience toolkits. 

EPA Resources for Educators & Students
This EPA website hosts United States government resources for educators and students. Topics can be found alphabetically. A smaller list compiled by NASA can be found in the drop-down menu associated with the Environmental Topics tab on the main page. 

EPA EnviroAtlas Educational Materials
EPA’s EnviroAtlas provides adaptable tools that may be used in both official and informal schooling settings. Each curriculum is thoughtfully integrated with Next Generation and State Science Standards and caters to all levels from kindergarten to college, making it a great resource for educators. 

Chicago Wilderness Alliance - Green Vision Initiatives
This site serves as a hub for GIS maps and data for the region broken down into six categories including, land management, agriculture, Green Infrastructure, land protection, community impacts, climate impacts and water. Each section of maps also has reports and articles associated with each topic.  

Climate Change | Wisconsin DNR
Navigate the resource hub at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on strategies to address the pressing challenge of climate change. Explore the science backed initiatives that empower individuals and communities to take informed action for a sustainable future. 

Climate Change - Field Museum
Explore the Field Museum's rich collection of articles delving into the intricate facets of climate change. Immerse yourself in a wealth of information as the museum sheds light on the complexities and impacts of this global phenomenon.  

Subject to Climate 
Subject to Climate is a comprehensive resource database offering diverse lesson plans and student-friendly news articles about climate change. Delve into a curated collection that provides educators and students alike with valuable insights into climate change. 

CLEAN Climate and Energy Education
Explore a dedicated platform for teaching about climate and energy for all ages. CLEAN is designed to equip educators with the tools they need to effectively convey complex topics and discover engaging materials that empower students to understand the intricate dynamics of climate and energy for a sustainable future. 

Climate Generation Resource Library
Explore Climate Generation's resource library, a hub of valuable materials focused on environmental education. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of resources designed to empower educators and students in understanding climate-related topics.