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Sustainable Site Operations

IDNR is taking steps to make their site operations more sustainable. The overall strategy is to reduce erosion and fuel use; reduce waste and emissions related to purchasing; and increase water infiltration, capture and reuse at sites.

The Climate Action Plan establishes 5 main goals for sustainable site operations.

  • Adopt sustainable groundskeeping practices (irrigation management techniques, reduced use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, increased use of native plants)
  • Install green stormwater infrastructure 
  • Minimize waste through sustainable purchasing policies and waste reduction/recycling initiatives
  • Electrify IDNR’s vehicle fleet and outdoor equipment
  • Increase efficiency of IDNR’s vehicles. 

Climate Corner

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What you can do:

IDNR is reducing energy use from groundskeeping, waste, and transportation and we hope you will join us!  

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to reduce your energy use from landscaping, waste, and transportation:  

  • We need your help to reduce waste at IDNR’s parks and natural areas! When you visit, consider ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle. You might bring fewer single-use items, reuse food containers, or throw away less food.  
  • Compost your food and yard waste to create nutrient-rich soil.  
  • Make your lawn even greener! Consider switching to an electric lawn mower and other equipment. They are much more cost-effective to operate. 
  • Even better: Replace some of that lawn with native plants. They require less water and often less maintenance, and they are beautiful, too!   
  • Plant more trees around your home or business to lower your heating and cooling bills and capture stormwater. They shade the summer sun, offer protection from winter winds, and soak up rainwater from storms.  
  • Consider purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle.  

Here are a few resources to get started: