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Illinois Route 53 Land Expansion Alternative Use Task Force

 NOTICE: The Final Report of the Task Force is linked below. The Task Force has been dissolved

The Illinois Route 53 Expansion Land Alternative Use Task Force was created in 2021 via House Joint Resolution 6 to study alternate uses for the proposed extension of Illinois Route 53 in Lake County. The study will include the following:

  1. The cost, feasibility, and environmental impact of alternative uses of the expansion land, including any potential impact on flooding in the area,
  2. The short and long term economic impact to the region, and
  3. All options for funding alternative uses.

Appointed Members of the Task Force

  • Administrative Support Staff
    Dan Lewis, Legislative Liaison
    IL Department of Natural Resources
  • Senate President Appointee
    Senator Melinda Bush, District 31 (Co-Chair)
  • Speaker of the House Appointee
    Representative Dan Didech, District 59
  • Senate Minority Leader Appointee
    Leader Dan McConchie, District 26

    House Minority Leader Appointee
    Representative Chris Bos, District 51 (Co-Chair)
  • Secretary of Transportation
    Laura Mlacnik, Bureau Chief of Land Acquisition
  • Department of Natural Resources
    John Rogner, Assistant Director
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
    Todd Rettig, Deputy Director
  • Lake County
    John Wasik, Lake County Board, District 6
  • Lake County Stormwater Management
    Marah Altenberg, Lake County Board, District 20
  • Village of Long Grove
    Bill Jacob, Mayor
  • Village of Hawthorn Woods
    Dominick DiMaggio, Mayor
  • Village of Mundelein
    Steve Lentz, Mayor
  • Village of Grayslake
    Rhett Taylor, Mayor
  • Midwest Sustainability Group
    Barbara Klipp, Executive Director
  • Livable Lake County
    Sam Beard, Organizer
  • The Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter
    Jack Darin, Chapter Director
  • Visit Lake County
    John Maguire, Director of Community Outreach
  • Openlands
    Jerry Adelmann, President & CEO
  • Lake County Forest Preserves
    Jessica Vealitzek, Lake County Board, District 1

Final Report