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State Mining Board

The State Mining Board consists of six members from the coal mining community and the Director of the Office of Mines and Minerals, Department of Natural Resources, who acts as the Board's Executive Officer. The Board administers and interprets The Illinois Coal Mining Act and promulgates safety related rules and regulations for the Illinois coal industry.

Mining Board meetings are held to discuss topics related to the Coal Mining Act. It is the Board's responsibility to ensure the safety of the state coal industry and compliance with the Act. When questions arise regarding a provision(s) of the Act, the Mining Board will hear testimony and render a decision or interpretation.

Additionally, the Board issues Certificates of Competency for mine examiners, mine managers, hoisting engineers, state mine inspectors, surface mine supervisors, shot firers, mine rescue station supervisor and assistant and shaft and slope examiners and supervisors. These certifications are based on requirements contained within the Coal Mining Act. Besides mining experience a candidate for certification must pass a written and oral examination. These examinations are held on a semi-annual basis. Additional information can be found at the Illinois Boards and Commissions Site

Board Members

  • Robert Eggerman
  • Bernard Harsy
  • Raymond Hood
  • N. Michael Huff
  • Ronnie Huff – Executive Officer
  • Michael Martin
  • Steve Willis