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Snowmobile Registration Information

State law requires that the purchaser of a snowmobile shall within 15 days after purchase, make application to the Department for Registration/Titling.

An Illinois resident having a valid out-of-state snowmobile registration must also have a valid Illinois snowmobile registration if operating in Illinois with the exception of operating on their own property.

Notice of Snowmobile Law Changes

Effective January 1st, 2017 the Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act was amended by Public Act 096-1291 to:

  • Increase the snowmobile registration fee to $45 for new snowmobile registrations, transfer renewals, and renewals. Old registration application forms will be accepted as long as the new fee is remitted. (Duplicate registration cards, corrected registration cards, and duplicate decals are $5.)

  • Require a Non-Resident to purchase a yearly snowmobile trail use sticker if the snowmobile is not registered in Illinois. The fee for a snowmobile trail use sticker is $25 for a person who is not a resident of this State and who operates a snowmobile within this State if such snowmobile is not registered in Illinois. Trail passes are available at license vendors throughout the state.

  • Require a mandatory liability insurance provision: Other than a person operating a snowmobile on their own property that is not a posted snowmobile trail, and other than a person operating a snowmobile on property other than a posted snowmobile trail in which the owner of the property has given permission to operate a snowmobile on the property, no person shall operate, register or maintain registration of a snowmobile unless the snowmobile is covered by a liability insurance policy, pursuant to Section 7-203 of the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/7-203). Proof of insurance as required by this Section shall be produced and displayed by the owner or operator of the snowmobile upon request to any law enforcement officer or to any person who has suffered or claims to have suffered either personal injury or property damage as a result of the operation of the snowmobile by the owner or operator.

Estimated Processing Times for Snowmobile Applications:

  • Please assist us by allowing sufficient processing time of your application before calling.

  • No registration cards and/or decals are issued over the counter at any Natural Resources Office. Applications are processed by mail at the Springfield Office.

  • To apply for one of the following transactions you must complete a snowmobile registration application form and submit with required documents and fee(s). Please refer to the instruction page of the snowmobile registration application form.

  • New Registration - New snowmobiles and snowmobiles previously issued an out-of-state registration.

  • Transfer Of Ownership - of a snowmobile currently issued an Illinois registration.

  • Renew - your current snowmobile registration, or renew your registration online or by phone at 1-866-867-3542.

  • Duplicate Registration Card - To replace one which has been destroyed, lost or stolen.

  • Corrected Registration Card - To correct information on your current registration card such as change of address.

  • Duplicate Decals - To replace ones that have been destroyed, stolen or lost.

  • Snowmobile Registration Application

    • Snowmobile Application (includes instructions)

    • Application copy to DNR

    • 60 Day Temporary Permit - The temporary Permit copy of the application is valid for 60 days from the date the application is signed for use of your snowmobile in Illinois while your application is being processed.

    For additional Questions or to order a supply of snowmobile application forms, call 217-557-0180 or 1-800-382-1696 or e-mail us a request to