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Water Resource Law in Illinois

Federal Codes

Federal Codes, U.S. House of Representatives Downloadable U.S. Code. Title 33 refers to Water Navigation and Navigable Waters.

Illinois Compiled Statutes

Illinois Compiled Statutes, Information maintained by the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Updated through Public Act 91-646 (Approved November 19, 1999). Disclaimer--This (the originating) site contains provisions of the Illinois Compiled Statutes from databases that were created for the use of the members and staff of the Illinois General Assembly. The provisions have NOT been edited for publication, and are NOT in any sense the "official" text of the Illinois Compiled Statutes as enacted into law. The accuracy of any specific provision originating from this site cannot be assured, and you are urged to consult the official documents or contact legal counsel of your choice. This site should not be cited as an official or authoritative source. Court decisions may affect the interpretation and constitutionality of statutes. Please see for the full and original text of this disclaimer.

The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association

The DuPage County Bar Association advances the practice of law and promotes the legal professional through community service and legal education. Vol. 21 (May 2009) of the DCBA Brief contains an article titled The Attorney’s Guide to Illinois Water Law written by Richard F. Bales.

The author’s stated purpose is that the article will provide the answers to questions concerning “Illinois riparian land-that is, land adjacent to creeks, stream, rivers, lakes, and other bodies or water.”  Also available is a recent article also authored by Mr. Bales titled: Public Use of Nonnavigable Rivers: An Illinois Dilemma reviewing recent court cases on the public use of water not contained in the Illinois Administration Code list of “Public Bodies of Water”.

Water Law and Recreational Access: Some Questions, Answers and Considerations

A draft written in 1998 by Gary R. Clark, IDNR Office of Water Resources, Ed Hoffman, IDNR Division of Planning and posted as a PDF on the Illinois Paddling Council website.