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Tree Height Measurement Techniques

Trigonometry – Measuring the Height of a Tree by Hannah Palmer classroom assignment; 7:32 minutes;  This is a student presentation for a math assignment that is visually literate and recommended for hearing impaired and shows how to use the rule of right triangles to determine tree height.  

Triognometry – The Height of a Tree   by RichochetScience; 1:54 minutes; Published on Jan 26, 2015 QUICK AND SIMPLE explanation of how trigonometry can be used to measure the height of any tall object, like a tree.

Tree Measurement with a Suunto by Tom Mikel; 12:17 minutes; Published on Aug 22, 2012  How to measure a tree height with a Suunto

Tree Mapla: How to Measure the height of a Tree by TreePeople; 5:38 minutes; An example of how to measure the height o f a tree using rudimentary homemade instruments. This is a citizen action video for volunteers and students.