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Technical Resources

Urban and Community Forestry is a multiple faceted profession. Municipal foresters and public land managers must understand the benefits of trees and like any good manager know the resource they are managing.  Tree inventories are the basis for developing a management plan to sustain the forests where we live. These forests are governed by local policy such as tree ordinances, tree protection ordinances, standards and policies to help with the social framework for management.  Since trees are a biological element of the environment or often called the green infrastructure as local forestry program manager must know how to identify trees and understand the insect and diseases associated with the trees in their community.  They must watch over the forest on an individual tree basis to assure that proper tree care standards are safely being employed so the trees strength and integrity are not impacted making them more susceptible to storm damage. From the beginning of planting the “Right Tree in the Right Location” a local municipal forest needs oversight and care.

The references provided below consist of a “Tool Kit” of management options and knowledge to help Illinois municipalities sustain and create a diverse local forest.                                                                  

Technical Resource Category