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Technical Resources-Tree Risk Tools

Throughout a tree life it is subject to insect and disease, storms and other abuses. After it goes through enough storms, a tree can become weakened. Taking care of a tree is important. Proper tree care can help the tree live longer and provide important environmental services. Properly placed and maintained trees provide many benefits to Illinois citizens. When pruned to eliminate disease and to increase the soundness of structure, trees will provide many years of service to its owners. However, like people, trees have a life cycle and will eventually grow old.

As tree age and are impacted by environmental and biological conditions such as insect and diseases or storm damage, they can develop weakness. These weaknesses create a level of risk. In urban and community forest management or event as a home/tree owner, managing that risk is important. As a person responsible for trees, the reference below provides a good background and planning design for reducing tree related risk.

The links below can help you learn more about tree risk management or your yard tree, or the trees that you manage in your community. The International Society of Arboriculture link will help professionals join the ranks of those who have Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications through that organization.