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Tree Pruning

Proper Tree Pruning Methods Part 1  by State of Oklahoma; 9:27 minutes;  Uploaded on Dec 6, 2010 Proper Tree Pruning Methods (Part 1 of 2 videos)

Proper Tree Pruning Methods Part 2 by State of Oklahoma; 6:07 minutes;  Published on Aug 13, 2013 Proper Tree Pruning Methods (Part 2 of 2)

Growing Green: Pruning by austintexasgov; 1:32 minutes;  Published on Mar 5, 2012 Visit for earth-wise gardening tips. Sometimes trees need to be pruned for health and safety. Pruning injures a tree so proper pruning is key to the tree's long term health. Why prune? Prune for four main reasons. If a branch might be a safety hazard because it is: dead, deformed, diseased, or damaged. When to prune? Prune your tree when it's dormant either when it's winter and the leaves are off or in the heat of summer, July or August. How to prune? Limit pruning to dead, deformed, diseased, or damaged branches that might be a safety hazard. -Follow Oak Wilt prevention guidelines. -Remove no more than 25% of canopy per year. -Avoid making cuts flush with the trunk of the tree, instead angle your cuts away from the trunk to avoid cutting into the branch bark ridge. -Sanitize tools between use. 

How To Prune (Not Kill) Trees and Shrubs by Quick Landscaping and Gardening Tips with; 10:25 minutes;  Demonstration on how and why to properly prune a tree using split wood as a learning tool.  

Tree People – How to Prune Trees by; 2:15 minutes;  Discusses proper pruning of trees 

Some tree companies do more harm than good by arborist Blair Glenn: 4:48 minutes; Published on May 14, 2015  This video is showing some of the problems that unqualified tree people are doing to your trees. This type of abuse must stop. You are paying someone to CARE for your trees, not damage them! The best deal is only good if the people know what they are doing.  

Nature Conservancy Healthy Trees Healthy Cities – Tree Pruning by The Nature Conservancy Healthy Trees Healthy Cities initiative; 7:36 minutes;  This video is embedded in the Healthy Trees Healthy Cities website and shows when, where and how to prune a tree. 

What is the right way to prune a tree? By arborist Blair Glenn; 2:47 Minutes; Uploaded on Jan 25, 2011 A short clip on poorly pruned trees and what to look for. How do you know if you hire a qualified tree person? difficult to know but I will attempt to show you what to look out for.

The Iron Giant by Arborist Blair Glenn.  Why Cabling a tree can be a future problem.

An approach to pruning that you won't forget by Ed Gilman (an exploratory approach) He demonstrates practical strategies to increase long-term tree survival - starting at planting.

Please be advised that showing a video from a private sector company does not represent endorsement of that company by the State of Illinois.

Plant Clinic Tip: How to prune by The Morton Arboretum; 2:37 minutes; Published on Mar 24, 2016. This video helps to Learn techniques and tips for pruning your trees in winter or early spring with horticulturist Katrina Lewin.