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Archive for Wildlife Rehabilitation Grants

The grants that are not hyperlinked have no associated report.

2015-R02W Electrical Upgrade for Wildlife Hospital: The breaker panel needs to be upgraded. Wildlife Rehabilitation
2015-R01W Replace & Repair Well Systems to Comply with Illinois State Code: Bring 3 wells up to State Code (also sanitize & shock well systems) Wildlife Rehabilitation
2014-R03W Replacement of Wildlife Hospital Faucets, Sinks and Cabinets: Replacing the old therapy sink with a large, deeper one would help bathe wildlife that come in covered (with mud or tar) or need therapy for their injuries Wildlife Rehabilitation
2014-R02W Repair to Wildlife Rehab Barn: The barn is in need of repair to insure the health and safety of IRC wildlife patients that are housed inside. Wildlife Rehabilitation
2014-R01W Replacement of Air Condition at Wildlife Hospital Wildlife Rehabilitation
2013-R02W Project: Electrical Service to Outdoor Rehabilitation Enclosures Forest Preserve District of Du Page County at Willowbrook Wildlife Center:This project brings electrical service to 2 outdoor rehabilitation cages without power access: Avian Flight Cage (AFC) and Free Standing Flight Cages (FSFC). Wildlife Rehabilitation
2013-R01W New Roof for Wildlife Hospital: The old asphalt roofing shingles will be replaced by a metal roof. Wildlife Rehabilitation
2012-R01W Replacement of intensive care units: To help provide basic life saving hospital care for orphaned and injured wildlife who are unable to control their own body temperature. Wildlife Rehabilitation
2011-R02W Keep the Lights On! : To assist in payment of the annual utility costs Wildlife Rehabilitation
2011-R01W Security and Safety (padlocks and freezer replacement): To purchase 46 new padlocks for cages and a new freezer to keep mice and quail for residents of the center Wildlife Rehabilitation
2009-R01W Running Water to Mews: To provide a serviceable water line and faucet at the barn and mew area (bird cage rooms) Wildlife Rehabilitation
2008-R02W Nocturnal Predator Barrier for Avian Caging: Use 4'x8' sheets of fiberglass reinforced paneling to surround outdoor caging to make it too slick for mink to climb thereby preventing the loss of listed birds. Wildlife Rehabilitation
2008-R01W Free Again Rehab: To repair flight pens. Wildlife Rehabilitation