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Archive for WPF Equipment Grants

The grants that are not hyperlinked have no associated report.

2003-006W Ecocomposition and Environmental Literatures Service-Learning: Purchase tools, gloves, camera, packages for land stewardship by students on public and private lands in the Peoria Area Equipment
2003-020W Tools for Stewardship of Natural Areas: Provide prescribed burn equipment (Backpack pump, fire rake, roadside, hand held and backpack herbicide sprayers) and herbicide for stewardship at 80 acres of remnant prairie and 40 acres of restored prairie in Champaign, Ford, Iroquois and Vermilion Counties Equipment
2003-063W Volunteer Stewardship Tools : Purchase power loppers, bow saws, duffle bags and first aid kits and labor for Lake County Forest Preserve District's stewardship program Equipment
2004-027W Mist Netting to Inventory Songbird Population Fluctuations Based on Land Use Changes: Replace aging mist nets to allow continued monitoring of songbird and raptor population changes Equipment
2008-018W To purchase protective gear and water pumps to be used by volunteers during the controlled burn. (4 FireLine classic one-piece jumpsuits; 3 Indian "Smokechaser" fire pumps; & 4 Bullard Wildfire firefighter's helmets) Equipment
2009-008W Brush Cutter to be used to cut fire lanes and trails that serve as parts of the fire lanes for proper ecosystem management Equipment
2009-012W Prairie Expansion: To purchase 2 Stihl chainsaws for use in eradicating buckthorn and other woody invasive exotics from their tallgrass prairie Equipment
2010-003W Allerton Park Invasive Species Control Tools: To purchase equipment to assist with exotic species control (Chain saws, brush cutters, hand tools) Equipment
2010-017W Creation of a mobile equipment bank for invasive species control and volunteer workdays: To provide So. IL. Citizens, conservation organizations, and land management agencies with a mobile equipment bank of invasive plant control equipment available for loan for management and volunteer workdays. Equipment
2012-003W Boy Scout Troop 54, Exotic Species Removal Team: Purchase the mechanical and safety equipment that can be used by Boy Scouts to remove bush honeysuckle and autumn olive in the natural areas they frequent Equipment
2012-008W Cargo Trailer for Trail Steward and Habitat Management Tools: To securely store and safely transport equipment to Green Earth properties for volunteer workdays Equipment
2013-017W Radiotracking Blanding's Turtles (Emydoidea blundingii) for Conservation and Habitat Management: To track the habitat use, nesting behavior, and movement of endangered Blanding's Turtles inhabiting DuPage, Kane & Lee Counties in Illinois Equipment
2013-L07W Acquisition of 50 Gallon Skid Pumper Unit Equipment
2015-016W Prescribed Fire Capacity-Building Project: replace old equipment that is not adequate or in disrepair. Equipment
2015-017W Invasive Species Control Brush Mower: This mower would enable the Natural Land institute to control invasive brush on 20 natural areas across nothwestern IL. Equipment