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Dove Hunting

What are the hunting requirements in Illinois?

In order to hunt dove in Illinois, a person needs to have a valid hunting license, a state habitat stamp and you must be registered with HIP. You can purchase a license and the state habitat stamp online through DNR Directover the counter from a license vendor, or by calling 1-866-716-6550. Hunting devices, ammunition and garment requirements can be found in the Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations. Ammunition size and type is very important when hunting dove in Illinois, especially on public areas.

Where can I hunt dove in Illinois?

IDNR allows dove hunting at many of our owned or managed sites. Hunting is also allowed on private property IF you have received prior permission from the landowner or tenant. IDNR has a Land Access Permission Card to facilitate this approval.

When can I hunt dove in Illinois?

Illinois has set a split season for dove hunting. Please view our Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations for current year hunting dates.

How can I apply for a free dove permit in Illinois?

Please visit our Free Dove Permit One Stop page for instructions, application periods, seasons, and more.

What do I do if I harvest a leg-banded dove?

We encourage you to report information about when and where you harvested the bird. You will be emailed a Certificate of Appreciation with information about when and where the dove was banded. Your cooperation on reporting band numbers gives dove biologists a wealth of information useful in managing the resources to provide hunters with maximum recreational opportunities while protecting dove populations. Reporting banded birds will only be available through the internet by clicking here.

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