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Archive - October 2020

black walnut Juglans nigra

What is a Black Walnut?
A black walnut is a tree, a type of plant.

What Does It Look Like?
The black walnut tree has a straight trunk with a rounded crown. Its bark is thick, black and furrowed. Its leaves are compound, made of from 15 to 23 leaflets, and the leaves are arranged alternately on the branches. The leaflets have toothed edges. The buds are rounded at the tip, pale brown and hairy.

How Big is It?
This tree may grow to 150 feet tall and have a diameter of five feet.

Where Does It Live?
The black walnut grows statewide in woodlands with good soil.

How Does It Reproduce?
Flowers are produced in April and May. Male and female flowers are separate but on the same tree. The fruits are single or in pairs. Each fruit may be up to two inches in diameter.

What Does It Eat?
As a plant, this organism does not eat. It makes its own food.

Does Anything Eat It?
Humans, squirrels, raccoons, woodpeckers and small rodents eat the seeds.

What Else Should I Know About the Black Walnut?
- The pith inside the twigs is chambered (has partitions).

- The leaves turn yellow in fall.

- The fruit has a thick husk. The nut inside it is very hard. The seed inside the nut is sweet.

- The wood of this tree is used for making furniture and cabinets.

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