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Hunter Education Online Study / Field Day

NOTE: Prior to completing and paying for a Field Day Voucher, check the class listings  for Field Day cla​ss availability.  You will not be admitted to the Field Day without the Field Day Voucher.


NOTE:  If you are 18 years old or older you may complete the online course and receive your                       Hunter Education certification. 

Students must complete an online Illinois Safety Course and receive a Field Day Voucher from an authorized provider before attending a Field Day.  All students attending a field day will be required to provide the lead instructor with their Field Day Voucher from one of Illinois' authorized providers, ($49.95), ($29.00), or ($28.95).  Students will also be required to present a form of valid identification.  Children who do not have their own ID must have parents or guardians show ID on their behalf.

It is the policy of IDNR that youth under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied to and during the safety education courses by an adult or guardian at least sixteen (16) years of age. The educational material is based on a sixth-grade reading level.

Mere attendance of this safety education training and taking a written test will not guarantee the passing of this course. Multiple criteria such as mental and physical competency, the ability to demonstrate and recognize safe procedures, attitude and the maturity level of each individual student will be a factor assessed by the instructors in the final certification process.

Students are required to complete a final written exam on their own abilities, without assistance from parents or guardians, unless other arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon with the class instructors.


The field day class is typically 5 to 7 hours long and will include “hands-on” activities, exercises, discussions and demonstrations targeted at enhancing the student’s skills. The student will also be observed and reviewed by the instructors as they watch for and assess the student’s behavior, communication skills and safety awareness. At every opportunity instructors will emphasize hunter responsibilities, ethics and safety.

This method is not a “short cut” to receiving certification. Experience has shown that each of the class options, traditional or online, will involve a similar amount of time and commitment.

During the field day students can expect to participate in some or more of the following activities:

  • Open Discussion of “Hunter Responsibility and Ethics”
  • Firearm Handling – 10 Commandments of Safety
  • Firearm / Ammunition orientation
  • Zones of Fire
  • Treestand Safety
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Conservation Police Officer to discuss laws and regulations
  • 50 question Hunter Education exam – 80% to pass

Field Day Rules and Expected Behavior

Remember that your Hunter Education Instructor is a volunteer and is donating his or her time at the field day. You will be expected to follow the class rules and show proper behavior. The Instructor reserves the right to dismiss or fail any student for inappropriate behavior or attitude.

Field Day Class Rules

  • Arrive on time, and full day attendance is mandatory
  • No personal firearms will be brought to the class
  • Live ammunition or components will not be allowed in class
  • Involvement in class discussions will help you and others learn
  • Hands on participation is required
  • Unsafe handling of any firearm can be grounds for failure
  • It is your responsibility to provide proper identification


Pre-registration is required to attend a field day.  View the class schedule.


The student should ALWAYS consider current or anticipated weather conditions for the field day and dress appropriately. Proper clothing and footwear are recommended. You are encouraged to bring sunscreen and bug spray.


Field days are typically conducted in rural areas and eating establishments may not be near-by. Lunch may or may not be available at the field day location and students are always encouraged to bring a snack or lunch along with plenty of liquids / water for the field day activities.​