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What do you do?

OWR is primarily involved in water related infrastructure as opposed to fishing or boating.

Flood Control, Response and Mitigation, Water Supply, Drought, Dam Safety, Lake Michigan issues, Permits, Flood Insurance, Navigation and Harbors, Lakes, Rivers and Streams, Levees, Locks, Mapping, Public Waters, Water Data and Records, Water Rights, Water Law and Riparian Rights are a few of our responsibilities.

What jobs are available?

OWR offers a wide variety of careers from Engineering to GIS to technical, administrative and hands on personnel.

Where are Offices located?

OWR offices and facilities cross the state, with primary Offices in Springfield, Barlett and Chicago. Additional locations include Stratton Lock and Dam at McHenry, Rock Falls Dam at Sterling/Rock Falls, Lake Kinkaid at Gorham, and Havana.

Survey teams are based out of Springfield but travel statewide alongside personnel based at Havana.

Where can I find more information?

 We have a brochure available online.

Who can I talk to?

Loren Wobig, Rick Pohlman and Steve Altman are the primary contacts for prospective recruits.

Contact the Webmaster.

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