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IDNR DAMAGES™ is now available to the public!

IDNR Damages™, currently in version 4.31, is a software modeling tool published by IDNR/OWR and used to determine the average annual flood damages from multiple storm events, the frequency structures are flooded, the economic benefits of flood control projects, flood easement costs, and the total damage occurring from a single flood event. IDNR Damages™ provides a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and is used by consultants, planners and government employees.

The IDNR Damages™ program uses flow-exceedance frequency data, stage-flow data, and stage damage data to calculate average annual damages for a particular structure while providing the total damage to the structure for each event. The flow exceedance frequency data and the stage-flow data usually are obtained from a backwater model, such as HEC-RAS or HEC-2, or a dynamic routing model such as FEQ or UNET. The stage-damage data are obtained from FIA or USACE curves; other published data, or based on interviews.

Please note that the IDNR/Water Resources has limited resources to update and provide support for the IDNR Damages™ software. The IDNR/Water Resources does not provide support to the users but does provide resources on this website. Please feel free to make suggestions to improve the software, report software issues or recommend additional resources to add to this site at

Thank you from the IDNR, Office of Water Resources!

Download IDNR Damages

IDNR Damages™ Users Manual 4.3.1

This program is not authorized by FEMA for floodplain mitigation activities.

Resource Links:

  • USACE Residential No Basement Damage Curves (EGM01-03)
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