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State Water Plan Task Force

2022 Illinois State Water Plan: (Link to Report)

Future Task Force Meetings

  • July 8, 2024 at 1:30PM - Virtual
  • October 21, 2024 at 1:30PM - IDNR Lake Level A

Virtual Meetings – WebEx Link

State Water Plan Implementation Progress Summary

Progress Statistics (updated 4/15/24)


Total Recommnedations


Recommendations Started


Average Progression If Started


Average Progression Overall


Sections Reporting


Recommendations Completed

Plan Implementation Highlights from this Quarter

  • Integrated Water Management #2 - Codification of State Water Plan Task Force: SB2743 has passed the Senate without opposition. 
  • Integrated Water Management #6 - the revolving loan fund for storm water is moving forward.
  • Aquatic Habitat #20 - SB771 is newly proposed legislation for the protection of wetlands. 

State Water Plan Contacts

For general questions relating to the State Water Plan or the State Water Plan Task Force, please contact Wes Cattoor at or 217-782-4847.

The critical issues, lead agencies and contact information are shown in the table below. 

Coming Soon: Click on the topic for more details.

​# ​Issue Lead Agency​ ​Lead Individual Email
​1 ​Water Quality ​IEPA ​Jeff Edstrom
​2 ​Climate Change ​ISWS

​Dave Kristovich

​3 ​Integrated Water Management ​OWR ​Wes Cattoor
​4 ​Long Term Funding ​IEPA Nidhan Singh

​5 ​Water Sustainability ​OWR ​Wei Han ​​
​6 ​Lake Michigan ​OWR ​Ania Bayers​
​7 ​Flood Damage Mitigation ​OWR ​Terra McParland
​8 ​Aquatic & Riparian Habitat ​ORC ​Brian Metzke
​9 ​Water Use Laws & Regulations ​OWR ​Steve Altman
​10 ​Navigation ​IDOT ​BJ Murray ​​
​11 ​Erosion & Sedimentation ​DOA Brian Rennecke
​12 ​Data Management ​ISWS ​Laura Keefer ​​
​13 ​Recreation ​ORC ​Mike McClelland

State Water Plan Task Force Members

The current State Water Plan Task Force is comprised of the following members: