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State Water Plan Task Force

2022 Illinois State Water Plan: (Link to Report)

Future Task Force Meetings

  • April 15, 2024 at 1:30PM - Virtual
  • July 8, 2024 at 1:30PM - Virtual

Virtual Meetings – WebEx Link

State Water Plan Implementation Progress Summary

Progress Statistics (updated 1/10/24)


Total Recommnedations


Recommendations Started


Average Progression If Started


Average Progression Overall


Sections Reporting


Recommendations Completed

Plan Implementation Highlights from this Quarter

  • Integrated Water Management #2 - Fund and support State Water Plan Task Force: SB2743 Introduced: codification of the SWPTF 
  • Integrated Water Management #1 - Establish the Integrated Water Information Center (IWIC): Legislation has been drafted for the developing the center. The structure of the Center is being configured to further refine the details of the center.
  • Integrated Water Management #6 - the Illinois Environmental Council has introduced the Resilient Illinois Revolving Loan Fund Act that in essence, drives the necessary regeneration and expansion of the IMAG team.
  • Water Sustainability #2 - Determine sustainable water yield for all water supply sources and share online: The data sets are near completion. The online application needs to be improved and address the concern of stakeholders.
  • Flood Damage Mitigation #1 - Update rainfall data by modeling future/seasonal data changes: Contract is underway with ISWS to develop this data with an excepted completion date by the end of 2024.
  • Flood Damage Mitigation #14 - Adopt statewide building codes.  Status - Statewide Building codes will be in effect starting 1/1/25.

State Water Plan Contacts

For general questions relating to the State Water Plan or the State Water Plan Task Force, please contact Wes Cattoor at or 217-782-4847.

The critical issues, lead agencies and contact information are shown in the table below. 

Coming Soon: Click on the topic for more details.

​# ​Issue Lead Agency​ ​Lead Individual Email
​1 ​Water Quality ​IEPA ​Jeff Edstrom
​2 ​Climate Change ​ISWS

​Dave Kristovich

​3 ​Integrated Water Management ​OWR ​Wes Cattoor
​4 ​Long Term Funding ​IEPA Nidhan Singh

​5 ​Water Sustainability ​OWR ​Wei Han ​​
​6 ​Lake Michigan ​OWR ​Ania Bayers​
​7 ​Flood Damage Mitigation ​OWR ​Terra McParland
​8 ​Aquatic & Riparian Habitat ​ORC ​Brian Metzke
​9 ​Water Use Laws & Regulations ​OWR ​Steve Altman
​10 ​Navigation ​IDOT ​BJ Murray ​​
​11 ​Erosion & Sedimentation ​DOA Brian Rennecke
​12 ​Data Management ​ISWS ​Laura Keefer ​​
​13 ​Recreation ​ORC ​Seth Love
Brennan Caputo

State Water Plan Task Force Members

The current State Water Plan Task Force is comprised of the following members: