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Attention hunters: Visit our FAQ page for information about the use of centerfire, single-shot rifles for deer hunting in Illinois. 

Flood Surveillance




Other Rivers When Flooding

  • Chicago NWS - Des Plaines River, Kankakee River, Iroquois River, Little Calumet River, Fox River, Pecatonica River, Kishwaukee River, and Vermillion River

  • Davenport NWS - Pecatonica River,, Green River, and Lamoine River

  • Lincoln NWS - Spoon River, Mackinaw River, Sangamon River, Salt Creek, Kaskaskia River, Vermillion River, Little Wabash River, and Embarras River

  • Paducah NWS - Big Muddy River, Skillet Fork River, Little Wabash River

  • St. Louis NWS - Lamoine River and Kaskaskia River


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Last Updated: September 28, 2015.