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Waters and Facilities

Waters and Facilities owned and/or maintained by the Office of Water Resources


 I. Des Plaines River
          a. Hoffman Dam

 II. Fox River
          a. Algonquin Dam
          b. Aurora Dam (East Dam) 
          c. Dam 19A - Oswego Dam Site (Transferred to IDOC 1982)
          d. Geneva Dam
          e. W.G. Stratton Lock & Dam (O)
          f. Millhurst Dam Site  (Transferred to IDOC 1982)
          g. Montgomery Dam
          h. North Aurora Dam (maintained by Fox River Valley (Parkway Division)
          i. South Elgin Dam
          j. Yorkville Dam (O)

 III. Illinois Waterway (Corps of Engineers maintained)
          a. Brandon Road Dam
          b. Dresden Dam
          c. Lockport Dam
          d. Marseilles Dam
          e. Starved Rock Dam

 IV. Kinkaid Lake
      a. Dam and Spillway

 V. Kishwaukee River
      a. Belvidere Dam

 VI. Midlothian Creek
      a. Midlothian Lake Dam

 VII. Rock River
      a. Sears Dam
      b. Steel Dam
      c. Sinnissippi Dam

 VIII. Upper Salt Creek
      a. Busse Woods Dams
           1. North Dam
           2. Middle Dam
           3. South Dam



 Kaskaskia River Bridge Cells
 Edgar Lakes Pump Station
 Havana Maintenance Facility
 Kinkaid Lake Field Station
 W.G. Stratton Lock
 Salt Creek Diversion
 Sears Power House
 Sinnissippi Dam Gates


 Fox Chain of Lakes
 Lake Michigan (O)
 Peoria Lake
 Public Lakes Lower Illinois River
 Public Lakes Mississippi River

Seawalls and Levees
 Hoffman Gate & Seawall
 New Athens Levee
 Rock island Armory Seawall  (City of Rock Island maintained)

Other Properties
 I. Granite City Road to Dobrey Slough Pump Station  (City of Granite maintained)
 II. Addison Creek
      a. FR-244, Lake Street Interceptor
 III. Chain of Lakes
      a. Boat channel between Petite Lake and Bluff Lake
 IV. Chicago River
      a. FR-222 - North Branch
      b. FR-230 - North Branch
      c. FR-246 - North Branch
      d. FR-264 - North Branch
 V. Crestwood Drainage
      a. FR-228, Channel Improvement
      b. FR-240, Channel Improvement
      c. FR-255, Channel Improvement

 VI. Dobrey Slough
      a. FR-233, Temporary Pump Station  (City of Granite maintained)
 VII. Embarass River
      a. FR-196 Channel Improvement
 VIII. Horseshoe Lake
     a. FR-227, Low Flow Control Structure
 IX. I&M Canal
      a. FR-243, Rockdale, Stages I & II
      b. FR-250, Rockdale, Stages I & II
 X. Lake Michigan
      a. FR-345, Breakwater Rehabilitation
 XI. McDonald Creek
      a. FR-274, Channel Improvement
 XII. Meredosia Bay Earth Dam
 XIII. Rock River
      a. FR-267, Channel Improvements
 XIV. Salt Creek
      a. FR-376, Busse Woods Channel 1500 ft. downstream of Golf Road