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Federal Consistency

Section 307 of the "Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972" (CZMA), called the “federal consistency” provision, gives states a strong voice in federal agency decision making, which they otherwise would not have, for activities that may affect a state’s coastal uses or resources. The federal consistency provision is a major incentive for states to join the National Coastal Zone Management Program and is a powerful tool that state programs use to manage coastal activities and resources and to facilitate cooperation and coordination with federal agencies.

Generally, federal consistency requires that federal actions, within and outside the coastal zone, which have reasonably foreseeable effects on any coastal use (land or water) or natural resource of the coastal zone be consistent with the enforceable policies of a state's federally approved coastal management program. Federal actions include federal agency activities, federal license or permit activities, and federal financial assistance activities. Federal agency activities must be consistent to the maximum extent practicable with the enforceable policies of a state coastal management program, and license and permit and financial assistance activities must be fully consistent.

To begin a Federal Consistency application, please view the procedures here.

The following projects/proposals for action have been filed for review under the Federal Consistency requirement for the Illinois Coastal Program.

Current/Pending Federal Consistency Determinations

All public comments must be received by the end date shown on the notice. Any person asserting that a specific action does not meet federal consistency must specifically reference the state law or laws that would be violated.

All persons submitting objections will be notified of the Department's final decision.

Comments can be sent by email to or by mail to:

Cody Eskew

IDNR Coastal Management Program

Michael A. Bilandic Building

160 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 703​

Chicago, Illinois 60601