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Goal Four: Program Development

We will improve, refine, and administer the IDNR Coastal Management
Program to provide the most effective and responsive implementation
of coastal resource management.

Strategies we employ in meeting our goal:

  1. Fulfill all program requirements for NOAA and USEPA to assure compliant implementation of coastal and Great Lakes resource management

  2. Improve public communication and raise profile of Coastal Management Program

  3. Refine and solidify the roles of Coastal Management Program through strategy development

  4. Refine and improve administration and effectiveness of IDNR Coastal Grant Program

  5. Build support for the IDNR Coastal Management Program among stakeholders and elected officials

  6. Streamline internal systems and process for program administration

  7. Expand reach and capacity of Coastal Management Program through partnerships and strategic funding

  8. Expand staff skills and competencies through teaching, coaching, and skill building

  9. Maintain and strengthen connections to other coastal programs, states, and federal partners

CMP in Action


Coastal management programs are encouraged to conduct self-assessments every five years, known as a Section 309 Assessment, to determine problems and opportunities identified through stakeholder input. Approval of a comprehensive Section 309 plan by NOAA makes CMP eligible to receive funds for strategies that lead to a program or policy change. CMP has already used these funds for key success of the program, including: establishment of a Coastal Geology Research Program, creation of the Illinois Sand Management Working Group, and development of a high-resolution wetland characterization method.