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Wild About Illinois Fungi!

The body of fungi (mycelium) is made up of strands called mycelia. The mycelium grows within the soil, a dead tree or other object and is rarely seen. The fruiting body that produces spores is generally present for only a short period of time but is the most familiar part of the fungus to people.

Fungi may be found statewide in Illinois. They grow in nearly all Illinois habitats. Unlike plants, fungi do not have roots, stems, leaves, flowers or seeds. They must absorb nutrients and water from the objects they grow in. Spore production occurs when conditions are favorable, generally with warm temperatures and ample moisture. The spores produced provide a means of reproduction, dispersal and survival in poor conditions.

Species Gallery

​Kingdom: Fungi - The fungi are multicellular eukaryotes (cells with a nucleus) that obtain food by absorbing nutrients from their surroundings. Cell walls are present and in most species they are composed of chitin. The body is made of mycelia. Spores are produced.
Phylum: Basidiomycota - The basidiomycete fungi include the mushrooms, bracket fungi and smuts. They are often called club fungi because most of them produce spores at the tip of the club-shaped structures.
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Agaricaceae
giant puffball (Calvatia gigantea)
     onion stem mushroom (Leucocoprinus cepaestipes)

Family: Amanitaceae
fly agaric (Amanita muscaria)

Family: Cortinariaceae
spotted cort mushroom (Cortinarius iodes)

Family: Hygrophoraceae
conical wax cap (Hygrocybe conica)
     parrot toadstool (Gliophorus psittacinus)

Family: Marasmiaceae
     mushroom (Gymnopus luxurians)

Family: Nidulariaceae
     bird's nest fungus (Crucibulum spp.)

Family: Physalacriaceae
     friendship mushroom (Armillaria tabescens)

Family: Pleurotaceae
     oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Order: Auriculariales
Family: Exidiaceae
apricot jelly fungus (Guepinia helvelloides)

Order: Boletales
Family: Boletaceae
king bolete (Boletus edulis)

Order: Polyporales
Family: Cerrenaceae
     marshmallow polypore (Spongipellis pachyodon)

Family: Laetiporaceae
     chicken mushroom (Laetiporus sulphureus)

Family: Meripilaceae
     hen-of-the-woods (Grifola frondosa)

Family: Phanerochaetaceae
mushroom (Hapalopilus croceus)

Order: Russulales
Family: Auriscalpiaceae
     bear lentinus mushroom (Lentinellus ursinus)

Family: Bondarzewiaceae
    Berkely's polypore mushroom (Bondarzewia berkeleyi)

Class: Basidiomycetes
Order: Hymenochaetales
Family: Hymenochaetaceae
     oak heart rot fungus (Inonotus dryophilus)

Order: Polyporales
Family: Meruliaceae
     coral pink wood crust (Phlebia incarnata)

Family: Polyporaceae
     dyer's polypore (Phaeolus schweinitzii)


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